Von Monica Pozzi, 26. December 2010

“I don’t see it as my job to create meaning, but only to charge the air so that meaning can occur.” Todd Hido

Fragmented Narratives is photographer Todd Hido’s second solo show with the Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York. Renowned as a master of sequencing in book format, Hido juxtaposes images from his influential monographs House Hunting, A Road Divided, Outskirts, and Between the Two with portraits and new images never before exhibited. Hido successfully extends his narrative from a linear book format to an almost cinematic storyline forged by his grouping and pairing of images unrelated in time or place. Hido’s eerily lit nocturnal images of suburban houses allude to the often discomforting, lonely American scenes by the painter Edward Hopper as well as mirror the director David Lynch’s interest and attention to the seedy underside of suburban American culture.

Todd HidoFragmented Narratives, January 6 – February 27, 2011 at the Bruce Silverstein 20 Gallery in New York.


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