Von Monica Pozzi, 13. March 2011

Christoph Bangert – currently in Japan documenting the aftermath of the earthquake and Tsunami – will be returning to the Arghandab and Zhari Districts of Kandahar Province to photograph the ongoing conflict between Nato forces, the Afghan Army and Police, warlords, private security contractors and the Taliban. It is in Kandahar province, the birthplace and heartland of the Taliban movement, that local support is strongest and the insurgency is thought to be largely homegrown. With the warming weather in spring the Taliban fighters will return from their sanctuaries in Pakistan and will put to test the efforts of the US led Nato forces to win over the local population.

For some years now Christoph Bangert has been working on an in depth photo reportage that is documenting the war in Afghanistan. He is offering to take you with him on his journey. Through Emphas.is’ backers-only behind the scenes platform he will keep you informed on a daily basis about the progress of his trip to Afghanistan. You will learn about the people he meets, the places he sleeps, the meals he eats. He will provide you with a personal and exclusive account of what it feels like to be a photojournalist working in Afghanistan today.

Support the photo project Heart Land, The Battle for Kandahar by Christoph Bangert on Emphas.is


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