// EINS / 1 / I //

Von Monica Pozzi, 17. July 2011


Yves Sinka and Oskar Weiss will launch their first pop-up gallery project Eins/1/I this summer in Zürich with a group show featuring up-and-coming artists Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier, Tina Braegger, Nicolas Frey, Play Hunter and Valentina Vujovic. We are anxiously looking forward to Rico & Michael’s hair installation. In addition the gallery presents daily film screenings and surprise dinner parties. Sinka + Weiss is located in a former print shop on Kochstrasse near Lochergut. The show opens Friday, July 22, 6pm and will be on view daily, 12pm-6pm, until July 29.

Find Sinka + Weiss on facebook. (Impossible: This Instant Is Forever, Untitled No 9, feat. Oskar by Play Hunter)


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