Von Monica Pozzi, 15. October 2011

In the summer of 2010, New York photographer Diana Scheunemann went on an eight week road trip across the United States. Her aim was to photograph, film and explore the multiple facets of American identity. With her then boyfriend, now husband, musician PJ Norman and their dog, she drove 10’128 miles, through 21 states, documenting unique stories of individuals that make up the collective of one country. On the road for 60 days, she entered the homes and lives of 60 people. Titled LOVE AMERICAN SKIN, this project shows the many shades of America’s complexion.

(Love American Skin – a film and photography project by Diana Scheunemann – 21 States, 10’128 Miles, 60 Days, 60 Conversations)


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  1. cara says:

    nice job! and proud to say: I knew her from when she was little 🙂