Von Monica Pozzi, 17. November 2011

Christian Grund, Fiat, CARSCANS, Photogarage Zurich

Christian Grund, VW Bus, CARSCANS, Photogarage Zurich

Photographer Christian Grund has created a new form of scientific investigation for visual entertainment only. With a letter size hand scanner he imprinted the surfaces of a series of cars, some icons of car design, some just mundane old vehicles. He then reassembled the individual offprints to a collage patterned on images of Google Earth or NASA’s pictures of the surface of the moon from the Sixties. This low tech imaging method is extremely time consuming. However, it ironically produces lots of out-of-focus and underexposed detail – obsessive compulsive behavior with a messy result. On surface contact the scanner reproduces amazing detail whilst neglecting the three-dimensionality of the car body. Fresh photography with a wink, enjoy!

(Christian GrundCARSCANS, presented by Photogarage & Galerie Burger-Stocker, Werdstrasse 128 in Zürich. Opening Thursday, November 24, 5-9pm. The show will be on view until December 1.)


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