Von Monica Pozzi, 7. October 2012

Photographer, Graphic Designer, Skater, Musician: CHRISTIAN NEUENSCHWANDER, Age: 32, Base: Zürich, Switzerland for now, is known for: ‘People don’t know.’

Christian Neuenschwander - Gockhausen


Christian Neuenschwander - Zigitros

Christian Neuenschwander - Boat Rope

Christian Neuenschwander - Gretsch Case

Christian Neuenschwander - Gearslut

Christian Neuenschwander - Zigitros

On top of your to-do-list? Today, it’s getting my bills paid. Then doing a layout for an architecture book. And tonight, I’ll work on a new song. Oh, and I’ve got to pick up a film I had developed. Looking forward to seeing what’s on that one. It always feels like Christmas. Sometimes the gifts are awesome and sometimes you open up all of them and there’s just nothing interesting in them. My photographs kind of reflect my life, that’s why I often have a great time when I take my camera with me, cause my good old Leica only wants to capture epic stuff, haha.

Your last meal? If I had one last meal, it’d be a Cheese Fondue with all my best friends and family. My last meal was a Crèpe though.

You are addicted to? I’m addicted to many things… but once I start playing guitar, I can hardly stop. My bandmate Alban sometimes has to pull the plug out of the amplifier so we can call it a day. Or when skateboarding, I often wish the session would last forever.

Where do you find magic? In epicness, in special personalities and in nature.

You are hopeless at? It’s all a matter of interest and dedication. Guess I’m really bad at playing Soccer and Ping Pong.

Analog or Digital? Analog comes first, but digital can be helpful.

Last record you played? The new TAME IMPALA stuff is on repeat right now, I think it’s genius.

Favorite piece of musical equipment? Guitars. However, I realized, I can only bond with old instruments. There is just so much more character in them.

Your biggest fear? I don’t fear anything and surely, I don’t want to manifest a fear by writing it down. Ok, I would probably run fast if Mr. T would be looking for me, cause he’d be mad at me for some reason

Famous last words? I try not to spend too much time in front of the computer. Life is more than 3-dimensional. We are blessed with so many senses to live it and create great things. If we end up being chained to a workstation, we will sooner or later all look like the ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’, and we will have to google how it felt like, when life was still awesome. It’s all about love. Listen, see, touch, think, taste, move and feel.

CHRISTIAN NEUENSCHWANDER and his bandmate ALBAN SCHELBERT, whose back sides are featured in the last photograph, will be shredding on boards and guitars in New York this fall. Check out their tour dates and latest record release at ZIGITROS.

(Photos: © Christian Neuenschwander, 2012)

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