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DIANA SCHEUNEMANN (a lady never reveals her age) based in New York is known for her photography and films.

On top of your to-do-list? Answering these questions… (smiley) Ready for Hillary? Absolutely! But I wonder what she could really achieve with the Congress all Republican. It would be nice to see the Democrats take Congress back first and unshackle Obama for his last two years. What makes you smile? The muscles on either side of my mouth (smiley). My dog playing… Unexpected emails from old friends… Being constantly surprised by the amazing creativity of the people around me. Your song of the moment? ‘ALISON’ by SLOWDIVE (Souvlaki 1993). Donuts or Bagels? Green smoothies… if I have the choice. Your Favorite TV show? BREAKING BAD. Can’t be topped! You are addicted to? Raw vegan chocolate. Your dream destination? The way is the goal. And it’s a dream. What is your most treasured possession? My archive. Which talent would you most like to have? Sleeping in.

DIANA SCHEUNEMANN‘s most recent project is called LOVE AMERICAN SKIN. In the summer of 2010 Diana and her now husband PJ Norman went on an eight week road trip across the USA. Armed with cameras and curiosity, they uncovered true passion, diversity and inspiring honesty across the landscape of America. The people they met on their journey never lacked in confidence, exposing their true emotions, past traumas or future endeavors.

“New York City, Los Angeles or Miami do not represent this country as a whole. We heard so many stories. So one summer we set off in a car to find out for ourselves. We drove 10,128 miles through 21 states… Halfway into the trip my boyfriend became my husband. Over 60 days we filmed and photographed the people we encountered. Everyone we met on this journey was enriching and welcoming. They let us into their homes and hearts. They took the time to show us their lives.”

LOVE AMERICAN SKIN (the documentary) will be shown at PHOTO14 in Zürich on January 11 at 2:30pm. Swiss journalist Erich Gysling and filmmaker Diana Scheunemann will engage in a talk and introduce the feature presentation.

LOVE AMERICAN SKIN (the book) by Diana Scheunemann, 156 pages, 131 images with text, 6×8 inches, 8-panel soft cover, published by Drive By Shoot, 2013, ISBN 978-1-628-47302-5, US$35

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