Von Monica Pozzi, 17. September 2014

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What do we seek and value in life – love, wealth, beauty, clear-eyed reality or an inner dream world? Photographer PAUL GRAHAM‘s imagery of rainbows, sleeping dreamers and pawn shops weaves us in and out of reality, dream and illusion, between fact and spectral phenomena, each entwined one within the other. In his new body of work DOES YELLOW RUN FOREVER? he refuses to reduce the world to a knowable scheme, but instead embraces the puzzle of life. There are no singular meanings, direct answers, or pots of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow. Yet, there are startling visions in the everyday, be they ‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly’. Dreams are worth dreaming, and true moments of wonder are to be found as we shiver the mirror of life.

DOES YELLOW RUN FOREVER? by PAUL GRAHAM, published by MACK London, 96 pages, 31 color plates, 13.5cm x 19cm, embossed hardcover, $50.00. Book signing Wednesday, September 17, 6-8pm at DASHWOOD BOOKS New York. (Photos: Paul Graham)

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