Von Monica Pozzi, 17. February 2015




Japanese artist KEN KAGAMI is D.F.W. – Down For Whatever – poop, dicks and gigantic stuffed animals. His INSTAGRAM posts, childish, x-rated and obnoxious as they are, have made many of my days. Nothing beats his prop poop movie stunts performed with analog special effects and lots of silk string. When he is not busy drawing on his daughter’s slip-ons, bags, bed linen or anything else he can get his hands on, he runs a vintage clothing store. With BARTWORKS Swiss publisher NIEVES released Kagami’s third zine. Get it before it is OUT OF PRINT.

BARTWORKS by KEN KAGAMI, published by NIEVES & INNEN, 36 Pages, 14 x 20 cm, b/w Photocopy, Edition of 500, US$8.

Visit Ken Kagami’s STRANGE STORE on 12-3-301 Uguisudani-cho, in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (open whenever)

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