Von Monica Pozzi, 27. February 2015


JEFF HAMADA, Canadian artist and founder of BOOOOOOOM, and Vancouver-based interactive studio TANGIBLE INTERACTION announce LINE SEGMENTS, an open collaborative art project.

During the Barcelona INTERNET AGE MEDIA WEEKEND in March, Jeff and Alex from Tangible Interaction want to build a pencil sculpture, and they need your help and your pencils!

Be an integral part of this project, write your name and city somewhere on a new or used pencil, decorate and personalize it. Have fun, use paint, carve a design into it, do whatever you want to make your pencil stand out. Then photograph yourself holding your pencil. Last but not least, mail in your pencil piece. FIND DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS AND A MAILING ADDRESS HERE.

Visitors to the Internet Age Media Weekend in Barcelona will then be able to build the abstract sculpture with special connectors creating an organic, web-like shape. They decide what form the sculpture takes. Ultimately, the piece is about connecting people all over the world, using the simplest tool for art-making, a pencil. Watch the VIDEO to get a better idea what this will look like. There will also be a slideshow of every person who contributed a pencil to the project. Jeff and Alex hope you will JOIN IN ON THE FUN. They can’t do this without you!

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