// REN HANG //

Von Monica Pozzi, 15. March 2015



Beijing photographer and poet REN HANG is the shooting star of the moment. With two parallel shows in Vienna and New York his work got full attention on the internet. Hang puts a new twist on nude photography. Cherry tomatoes rest on buttholes, blood-red painted lips and nails pop out of jumbles of bodies and limbs, a penis peaks through a bunch of chrysanthemums. These intimate photographs challenge moral and social taboos with a subtle humor. Hang’s models, mostly friends of the artist, expose themselves in exhausting twisted poses, hanging from tree branches or floating in lily ponds. The naked human body becomes an abstract sculpture. China doesn’t allow outdoor nudity. For Hang however, it is just a bunch of limbs in front of a camera. There’s no political statement to be made. Nudity and nature go hand-in-hand, that’s all there is to it.

REN HANG 野生 – opening in the presence of Ren Hang, March 18, 7 pm, at OSTLICHT. in Vienna. The show will be on view through June 19. REN HANG: 2014 runs at CAPRICIOUS 88 in New York until April 5.

(Photos: © Ren Hang)

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