Von Monica Pozzi, 25. March 2015


This summer photographer PETER BESTE will be traveling through the United States and Europe to photograph BATTLE JACKETS for his new book project. He will hit San Diego, Los Angeles, the Bay Area and Portland in April. Later this Spring he will be in Seattle and New York and then continue his tour to Europe planning stops in London, Norway, Sweden and fuckin’ Lithuania to work on the battle jacket book. If you or anyone of your Metal & Punk Rock friends own a worthy piece, please CONTACT PETER and make him add your hometown to his trip!

Peter Beste’s first photo book TRUE NORWEGIAN BLACK METAL was a hell of a success. Having documented the secluded black metal scene with more honesty and access than anyone before, Beste started his nine year project photographing HOUSTON RAP an insight into a similarly tight-knit community. Peter Beste immerses himself deep into unknown worlds and captures passionate images without fear.

(Photo: PETER BESTE, battle jacket courtesy of Andre McFife, Germany)

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