Von Monica Pozzi, 14. May 2015


YVES SUTER‘s interactive installation THE ROOM includes photographs taken during the past eight years. Large size Xerox plots fill the gallery space from floor to ceiling. Suter’s hazy, dreamlike visual scrapbook notes with a raw aesthetic document the little oddities of life. Unlike at any other exhibition, you may purchase prints right off the wall and take them home with you. A new image will be put up to replace each one sold. Instant gratification and an ever changing flow of pictures make this show a fun must this holiday weekend.

YVES SUTER – THE ROOM, opening Wednesday, May 13, 6pm, at Gallery ES16 in Zürich. The installation will be on view until Saturday, May 16 only. A limited edition CATALOG designed by ADRIAN EHRAT is available at HAKUIN.

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