Von Monica Pozzi, 3. August 2015



“New York New York big city of dreams, everything in New York ain’t always what it seems.” (Lyrics of THE MESSAGE by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five)

THOMAS WIRTHENSOHN and MARK REAY first met over 20 years ago when both worked in the fashion industry as male models. In 2010 they met again. Mark was now in his fifties, well dressed, no sign of decay and looking like a millionaire living it up. Model slash actor slash fashion photographer for DAZED AND CONFUSED was his prestigious front. It was all the more shocking when he revealed his reality of being homeless in New York. While during the day he pursued a ‘normal’ life, late at night he went to a place where the American Dream has turned into a nightmare. With HOMME LESS first-time director Wirthensohn captures a raw and unfiltered moment in time. He takes us on a fascinating journey and guides us through Mark’s life, while raising the question of how far we all are from losing everything? What went wrong in Mark’s life? How is he able to keep up and fool everyone? What motivates him to put up with his surreal situation?

HOMME LESS directed & filmed by THOMAS WIRTHENSOHN, presented by Filmhaus Wien, a Filmhaus Films and SCHATZI PRODUCTIONS Production, in association with Thought Engine, featuring MARK REAY, produced by Wolfgang Ramml and Karol Martesko-Fenster, music composed by Kyle Eastwood and Matt McGuire, edited by Josh Cramer and Thomas Wirthensohn. The documentary premiers in New York at IFC on August 7. Video on demand will be released during fashion week. Watch the TRAILER.

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